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Is Your Dog's Quirky Behavior Making Daily Routines Impossible?

Every day our phone rings with dog parents heartbroken over challenges with their dog’s behavior. They are frustrated because they can’t have guests or even go out in public without worrying about their dog. Having tried everything they doubt themselves convinced their situation is hopeless. As dog professionals, we know the problem isn’t you or your dog. This is why we put together our Basics of Balance Dog Training Video. It guides you through the most overlooked aspect of dog training, management. While motivating and lifting you and your dog into a happier future!

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Who We Are

Founded by Kristi and Otto, Basics of Balance Is a Dedicated Team of Pet Loving Caretakers and Trainers with Unmatched Experience!

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Basics of Balance Premier Access Video

Are You Ready To Have The Dog Of Your Dreams?

Whats Included? 

  • Unlimited video streaming of the Basics of Balance Premier Access Video for life!
  • The 30 Day Challenge with access and support from our trainers online.
  • Membership access to exclusive content on Talking Dogs Blog, Podcast and Member’s Community


Normally our private dog training lessons cost our clients $225 an hour. Go to any dog training website and they’ll charge you anywhere from $30 to $70 a month in subscriptions.

How We Can Guarantee Life-Long Changes In No Time At All Or Your Money Back!

Proven Strategy

Our holistic approach takes into account the dogs mind, body, and spirit. The skills you will get in this lesson will stimulate your dog's mind increasing their ability to focus on you. Balance their body with productive physical activity on walks. Soothes their soul while strengthening your bond with massage.

Balanced Methods

Our methods are based on the modern science of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and differential reinforcement. These are the same methods scientists use at zoos to manage wild animals explained in plain English. We also have incorporated new emotional training theory to further address a dog's needs.

Practical Application

Experience has taught us to find ways to train in everyday situations. This program is designed to come naturally, adapt to your situation, and require no fancy equipment. Practice the Basics of Balance while you cook, watch TV, and go for a walk even on a bad day.

Ongoing Support

The Basics of Balance is available online wherever you may be whenever you want it. In addition you can message us directly with your questions through this site and on our social media accounts. We also publish useful content regularly on our Talking Dogs Blog and Podcast. There is also an exclusive member's online community being developed to keep you connected with all the member's of our pack.

Our 30 Day Challenge And Guarantee

Complete the 30-day challenge and you’re unhappy with the Basics of Balance we’ll refund your money. No hard feelings. We can even remain friends!


Happy Faces

Real Puppy People Giving Honest Reviews

Kristi did such an amazing job training Ares! He now actually enjoys his crate, is much much better when going on walks, and no longer destroys things in the middle of the night! I highly recommend them if you need a little help with training!

- Jane Foster

After our two ladies had a terrible scuffle, You and Your Dog was highly recommended by another local business. On our initial visit, we were blown away by Otto & Kristi’s knowledge and we had hoped we’d be able to keep our girls together. If you are on the fence. Just do it!

- Mike Ross

We call Otto our Cesar Millan! He and Kristi with their trained staff have given us back our lives. We had a puppy with some critical health issues and has special needs. She was out of control and continually would spin in circles and snap at anything and everything. We now have three dogs who are well behaved and feel balanced on a daily basis! We would recommend You and Your Dog LLC to everyone!

- Veronica Cullen

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